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The Freestanding Integrated Levitation System(ILS) provides a simple Sit-Stand solution that suits any office environment. Traditional Sit-Stand tables place the support beam in the center of the surface taxing valuable real estate, creating user discomfort and interfering with storage components. The horizontal support beam of Adapt Global, Inc.'s ILS system is instead recessed to the back permitting maximum space efficiency and user comfort.

To learn about our customizable Panel System, which brings the ILS to an entire office space. Click here. To learn about converting existing workstations into ILS Sit-Stand configurations, click here.



ILS Sit Stand Panel Mount

Freestanding ILS with Privacy Screen

Sit Stand Digital Controller

Sit Stand Analog Controller

Freestanding ILS

Traditional sit-stand tables position the support beam in the center of surfaces, taxing valuable real estate. This creates user discomfort and an interference with storage components. Our Freestanding ILS, however, has a recessed horizontal support beam for maximum space efficiency.



The Integrated Levitation System (ILS) is the latest in adjustable height workstations and converts any panel or existing furniture system to a modifiable Sit-Stand solution. The ILS provides a modern and distinctive system of components to provide users with lateral stability, function and sustainability for the work surface over and above the traditional table base.

Technical Specifications



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