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Transform your workspace

Adaptable solutions by SpaceCo

Enhance the way you work with flexible solutions for any workspace

What We Do

SpaceCo products are designed to optimize employee performance and well being, maximizing return on investment. SpaceCo products are also designed to adapt to virtually any condition, future-proofing investment and minimizing cost of ownership.

Discover the way SpaceCo products can improve existing facilities while providing sustainable design solutions.


Optimize existing workspace with a system of tools that can be positioned to meet a host of workstation configurations. All accessory options provided by SpaceCo deliver aesthetic and functionality to the workspace.


Our products are designed to grow with the ever-changing needs of the workplace environment because SpaceCo knows outfitting a workstation is a significant investment for employers.


Our system workspace tools allow employees the ability to position common task items within their optimal reach and focal zone, increasing productivity and reducing the risk of injuries.


SpaceCo provides a wide range of security products to protect laptops, CPUs, important documents, personal items and other equipment in your workspace.


All SpaceCo products are designed with ergonomics in mind. The exclusive design of our products increases the performance and well being of the user.


Workstation space is at a premium. SpaceCo provides innovative above and below the work surface storage solutions, which deliver function and mitigate impediments.



It’s an action. It’s a decision. It’s a corporate responsibility. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Retain is how we at SpaceCo live sustainability, which is an inherent and integral design feature of all our products.


SpaceCo is changing the way you work with products that enhance employee productivity, all while reducing risk and increasing safety in the workplace. SpaceCo provides modern and distinctive solutions for all workspace challenges including storage, lighting, spatial and human factor needs.


As a SpaceCo partner you will have direct access to innovative product solutions that will provide additional revenue opportunities beyond your current offerings. SpaceCo products are created to expand with your client’s needs. Work with a company that never compromises product quality and is always service oriented.


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Contact us for more information on how SpaceCo can assist in creating your ideal workspace.

17650 E. 32nd Place
Ste 10a
Aurora, CO

303 371 6222

F 303 375 6644


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